Let us help with the work this Thanksgiving!

Joyce Farms Turkey (No Artificial Ingredients, Free Roam, Sustainable, Local)
$4.25/# any size.
10-12# 3 available (11/10)
16-20# 5 available
20-24# 4 available
Heritage Black Turkey- (Never Frozen, Free Range, Humane Practices, Vegetarian Diet, No Antibiotics, Local)
15# Up $9.00/# 3 available

MSM will Brine, Rub and Smoke your turkey if you wish, only available on pre ordered birds, $3.00/#. We can only smoke a limited number of birds. First Call First Serve

Southeast Family Farms Smoked Boneless Centerpiece Ham
8# Average $12.50/# (we can cut in 1/2 or even slice it as needed)
Smoky Mountain Honey-Bourbon Glaze

Vegetarian Substitute
Stuffed Portobello Caps-$8.0/ Each

Braised Collards & Ham Hock
$18/Qt Serves 4-5
Tasso Ham-Smoked Gouda Grits
$16/Qt Serves 4-5
Thin Beans & Garlic Butter
$15 Serves 4-5
Black Eye Peas & Tomatoes
$15/Qt Serves 4-5
Sorghum Whipped Sweet Potato
$15/Qt Serves 4-5
Heritage Farms Sausage Stuffing
$15/Qt Serves 4-5
Cranberry-Orange Sauce
$8 for 1/2 Pt. Serves 4-6
Cranberry Chipotle Sauce*
$8 for 1/2 Pt. Serves 4-6
Smoky Sage Gravy
$9.0/Pint Serves 6-8

MSM Bourbon Pecan Pie
Pre Order Only $26.0 Serves 8

MSM Thanksgiving 2015 JPG

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 5.23.32 PM

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