SUZIE Q’S FARM, Local Heritage Pork available at Montgomery Street Market today! Call 828.456.1965 to reserve yours.



Suzie Q’s Farm Heritage Pork* (Local, Acorn Finished, Red Wattle & Mulefoot Cross)
Tenderloin $11.95/#
Bone In Loin or Chops $11.95/#
Osso Bucco $8.00/#
Boneless Loin $8.75/#
Spare Rib $7.50/#
Cheek $7.70/#
House Smoked Jowel Bacon $12.50/#
House Smoked Bacon $12.50/#
House Smoked Pulled Pork $12.95/#
House Smoked Bone In Ham 25# Average $7.75/#
Cold Smoked & Brined Bone In Chops $14.95/#
Cold Smoked & Brined Boneless Chops #10.75/#
Bone In Butt $8.0/#
Picnic $6.0/#
Raw Bone in Ham 25# Average $5.75

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