Frozen & Preserved Pre Order

We have a wide selection but can not cary everything by any means. If there is something special you would like us to order for you please let us know. We have to buy many items by the case and therefor must have room in our cases in order to order a product unless you wish to purchase the whole case. The farther you order ahead the more opportunity we have to find room in our case. Pre ordering can lower the price in some cases and ensure the freshest possible products. We hope you will first look at what we have to offer in our cases but we are happy to source special items. Many items can arrive within 3 days, but some can take up to 4 weeks. So plan ahead if you want something really special. Call us and we will be happy to help you.

No matter what the item you desire, if you want to be sure we have what you need, please pre order. Call 828-456-1945.

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