Q2GO Smokehouse

Items on this list are available for purchase today for smaller groups, if you have a large group you should pre order to ensure we have what you are looking for. The latter the gathering the more time we will need. We keep a limited supply of many fresh items. Large orders will require a credit card number to reserve. If you are not happy with the product when you arrive you do not have to purchase it. But if you don’t come in you may be charged.

Q2GO items are packaged by family size.

For 2, For 4 and For 6

You can mix and match any sizes you wish. So if everyone wants ribs but only some want cole slaw you can get just what you need.

If you need enough BBQ sauce for 8 but want to try more than one kind, you can order smaller sizes of as many as you want.

We do not heat or serve your orders we just prepare them with love and package them carefully for you to take home and heat/serve as you wish. We are happy to help with heating and storage advice, but you are responsible for the product once it leaves our shop.

We have beer, wine, sodas, iced tea, chips, ice cream and much more in our shop to complete your event.

If you have a very large group and this system will not work, just give us a call. 828-456-1965.





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